the cloud has changed everything. websites can be active, intelligent platforms.
we design if it was 2016!
We refresh websites look, perfect code, apply smart solutions, transform it into an application working for you.
...and of course we will rescue you from dead-end environments like WordPress, SEO charlatans,...
I am a beautiful website, nearly no-one visits me.

96% of websites, capture 4% of traffic.

I costed thousands, I feel like a waste of money!
Since I've met Ahead Creative:

I receive fresh content constantly, automatically.

I send and receive emails and newsletters

I send and receive posts to and from social media.

The way I work, not fancy SEO, put me on top of Google

I interact with visitors via chats, surveys, overlays.
active website
I am now a fully grown platform, working actively for my company.

I host very organized working areas for employees.

Secure project spaces to interact with clients.

I also provide valuable services to clients.

Basically I am a cloud based but real office!

lexmedicus website by ahead creative

lex medicus

15 Surgeons, doctors and assistants in 5 locations (one in Europe) needed a fast and robust website to manage patients bookings, documents, invoicing.
laco liquid website by ahead creative
80% (under development)

Laco Liquid

Filling machines distributor, also active in Europe needed an online platform for its clients and suppliers to run his business.
italian chamber of commerce website by ahead creative
40% active


The Italian Chamber of Commerce needed a website where several hundred members could meet, communicate and run projects.


In this first stage only a passive website for one of the best loved Melbourne's brands. To become an active platform for selling and distributing pasticceria!
easybathroom website by ahead creative
30% (u-d)

easy bathroom solutions

The best bathroom's vanities in Australian needed a place where they could be seen and selected. Next steps: interactive selction and online orders.
vinitalia website by ahead creative


One of the most successfull events in Merlbourne's food and wine scene. Vinitalia needed a web presence to be developed into a website to run the event in 2016.
godot wines website by ahead creative
40% (u-d)

godot wines

The web platform of one of the most respected italian wines importer.
mary obrien website by ahead creative

Dr mary Obrien

A simple static website, our clients aren't always looking for active websites.
gusto italiano website by ahead creative
20% active

Gusto Italiano

A coordinated group of websites to connect to more than 9 events about food and wine.
nu architects website by ahead creative
25% active

NU Architects

"The European touch", 3 European Architects active in Australia to showcase their projects in a simple interactive website.
bini gallery website by ahead creative
40% (u-d)

Bini Gallery

A multifaceted collection of art jewellery needed an e-commerce website in line with a straordinary brand. Under Construction.
lechte corporation website by ahead creative

Lechte Corporation

25 years of boutique real estate developments. A simple and static website for an important niche company.

sofabed website by ahead creative
25% (u-d)

Sofa Beds

The destination to buy a sofa bed. First staep to become a fully fledged platform to sell sofa beds in Australia. Under Construction.
lorenzo nuti website by ahead creative
80% active


A good example of self feeding personal website. Individuals can (and should) have their own websites.
open week website by ahead creative
20% (u-d)

Open week

Have you ever dreamt of finding some of the best Italian restaurant in one website? This website allows you to see their amazing offers during 4 special weeks during the year.
Creating active websites used to be expensive, the Cloud changed everything. Components wich allow websites to be active are now available online, the APIs; new APIs are created every single day, exisiting APIs are constantly perfected. As a new company, no legacies, we can afford to continually integrate new APIs. We can make your website do things or design a brand new active website for you, fast. Your website could do so many things you can even run your company from it; your employees can run projects with and in it; your customers can meet in it. An e-commerce website which do things will dramatically increase its traffic...Google loves websites which do things and grows their ranking exponentially.